Argo Consultancy is specialized in process improvement for product development, focused on efficiency and effectiveness. My pragmatic approach results in lean work processes that seemless fit your organization.

During the years an thorough knowledge of product development (CMMi) and Medical Devices (ISO-13485), specially for software, has been build up.

Particularly in this era of economic uncertainty, it is crucial that organizations rethink their way-of-working for developing products.
A more efficient and effective work process improves competitiveness, which now is more important than ever to be successful in today´s global economy.

Why improving now?

Argo Consultancy has a whealth of experience and a proven track record on assisting organizations with improving their work processes. What is Argo´s standard work process: First, together with the customer, we define the areas that require improvement. Next we determine a vision and strategy. After that, areas where successes are within immediate reach, are identified, since evidence shows that improvement successes in the early phase of the change process improves stakeholder motivation. Stakeholder motivation is vital to obtain sufficient momentum for changing work processes and reduces the risk of sub/optimal outcomes. 

 Some examples of possible areas for improvements are: 

Complaint Process How to handle complaints that afterwards the customers are satisfied
CAPA Process Implement a system that for each issue, first a root cause is done, follow-up with a Correction, Correction and if possible a Preventive Action.
Review Process   To upfront improve the quality of deliverables (e.g. Specifications) and to better understand and implement the end-customer requirements.
Project Management Define realistic plans to which the development team will commit.
Tracking the project status to be sure that disturbances on the plan, result in necessary corrective actions to bring the project back on track.
Supplier Management Strive to partner with suppliers, to define clear contracts, which can be executed in an open way and stimulatesly improve working relationships.
Time Management  To implement efficient day to day work process, with defined and mutally agreed on reponsibilities with built/in improvement cycles.
(e.g. poorly prepared meetings with no good defined follow up)

 Improvement plans vary from e.g. a short dedicated training to a full blown CMMI-program or ISO-13485 based QMS and everything in between. This of course depends on your wishes.

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